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Board of Directors

Vanessa Weber

She visited Siem Reap in 2008 and met Tammy, founder of ABCs and Rice. After two trips to volunteer at the school, she was in awe by what a big difference only one person could make. She began raising money for Cambodia, and developed the basis of The CEF through small fundraisers. Now, as an international teacher Vanessa continues to dedicate her time to teaching others about the needs for education in developing countries while fundraising abroad.

Thomas Shively

Tom has a long history of volunteering that dates back to middle school. It wasn't until a trip to Southeast Asia that Tom would find his true passion in life, helping to bring education to the children of Cambodia.  As a founding member of CEF, Tom has been back to Cambodia many times and continues their mission to provide scholarships for children seeking education in a land where the cost of going to school is not possible for most.

Nicholas Sprague

Nick first traveled to Cambodia in 2009 after teaching for a year in South Korea.  He was taken aback by the people in this wonderful country and vowed to give back.  Since 2009, he has been raising awareness and giving back to the people of Cambodia by participating in various fundraisers all over the world. He now works as an international teacher.

Nary Siev

Born in the rural province of Prey Veng, Cambodia, Nary grew up in a small farming community. By age 20, she set out for the capital to find a job to support her siblings educational pursuits. She has worked in the service industry and child care. She recently immigrated to the U.S. where she has joined CEF and volunteers her time as our interpreter and translator. She is most passionate about helping others and is hoping to pursue a nursing degree now that she is in the U.S.

Daniel Shileny

After Daniel graduated from Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2010 he promptly followed his traveling passion and moved to South Korea to teach English. He has made three trips to Cambodia and volunteered at ABC's and Rice. Daniel currently has recently completed a Secondary Education Certification and M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction at Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He now teaches humanities in Bangkok, Thailand.


Juliana Scrivner

After hearing so many inspirational stories about ABC’s and Rice and helping to organize a fundraiser in The Bahamas in 2018 to support their mission, Juliana was honored to be invited to join the board. Upon moving to South Korea to continue her teaching career, she was finally able to visit Cambodia for the first time, and volunteer. That experience further confirmed her commitment to helping to support students achieve their educational goals through CEF. She currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand, where she works as a high school English teacher.

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