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Vocational Scholarships

Meet Thay Tear. He is the recepient of one of The CEF's first scholarships. In 2010, his parents divorced and both went their own way leaving Thay Thear to his own devices. He was taken in and supported by SOID's orphanage. Thay Thear attended SOID's Veal Village School and the local state school. He is incredibly positive, cheerful, thoughtful, creative, and artistic.
He decided that he would like to get barber training. In 2014 he had a training in Siem Reap for about 4 months, paid by SOID. In the same year, CEF awarded an scholarship to pay for a further training of Thay Thear in Phnom Penh. This latter training took about half a year and it was completed successfully in 2014. Thay Thear now has a job in the barbershop where he was trained in Phnom Penh, he lives there and he is happy. SOID is very proud of him and are glad that they have been able to guide him to a successful adulthood. SOID has shared that "CEF's donation has been of great use." 

Secondary Scholarships

Meet Piseth. He is the recepient of a secondary school scholarship. Piseth is very humble, thoughtful, and a promising young man. We are grateful to be working with such a dedicated student. Read his story to the right.

8 March 2015


My name is Sok Piseth. I am 18 years old. I currently study at a state school in Siem Reap and I am in the ninth grade of secondary school. In October 2015  I hope to go to high school.

I like to study very much, especially Math, Khmer and English. I like them the most so I spend more time learning these subjects. Of course I like the other subjects too such as History. If I did not go to this school I would not have any education and will not learn anything at all and will have no future.

I can study now because the CEF has given me a scholarship and that is wonderful for me. I will commit to studying very hard every day and I will try to be the best student. If I do this then I strongly believe that I will meet my goal to be a Hotel Manager.


University Scholarships




"This scholarship is very helpful for my present and future education because it helps me to build my knowledge and as well as my major of International Relations to continue processing my skills. I want to be journalist, so I hope this major will continue to building my relations and connections with my goal as journalism because it is all related to the major that I will meet and study. This scholarship is not only help succeeding my goal, but it gives me the great opportunity to meet new colleges who come from other provinces, variety of backgrounds, many interesting stories and of courses their talents, so that I can shared with each other. Talking is not just saying something that is just for entertainment, but with my group, we talk mostly about our problems in Cambodia, and find out solutions. Because of this golden chance, I feel connected and networking with all friends and teachers."


Words from Sokley Keb - Recipient of 2014 University Scholarship

Words from Veasna - Recipient of 2016 University Scholarship

I do not know how to describe how I feel about the CEF! I was so excited to have CEF as my supporter through this school year because I know that not many students have this valuable opportunity like me. CEF have completed my first step of my dream because I have shown those men who usually look down at me that I am in university to accomplish my dreams and help my community and my country. More importantly, I empower other girls in my village that girls are capable of do anything to follow their dreams. Therefore, CEF not only fund me through my education but guide me to the right direction. By checking my transcript every semester providing me a warm comfort that my family is always stand by me to care of me because I have been learning by myself since I was small. My three sisters had finished only up to grade 5, so they cannot understand what I have done through my school year because my mother could afford them to go to school after my father died. Therefore, CEF is the bridge for me to reach my big dreams, and break this chain of poverty for my family and my country after I graduate from university. I thank CEF so much for bringing this great gift to help students in need!

Words from Sotheach Unn - Recipient of 2015 University Scholarship

It is unbelievable that I could get this scholarship support from Cambodian Education Fund, and it turned out to be a huge surprised when I first got this scholarship. Currently, this scholarship plays an important role in my university life. It helps to pay off my school tuition every term and the most importantly is it pushes me to study harder and harder every single day. It is not only trying to maintain the good GPA, but I study hard for my scholarship sponsor, my life, family and the whole country. Slowly, this scholarship support helps me to grow into a better person because every day I am learning something new, meeting new people, and exchanging different ideas. Without this scholarship, I will not grow this much and my understanding of the society and other things will be limited. I am really appreciating this scholarship support and I’m so thankful for helping me to go this far in life. I still keep walking forward because this scholarship is a huge power to encourage me. Thank you so much!

Words from Vanna Ly - Recipient of 2016 University Scholarship

It is an honor to receive this scholarship. This scholarship really means a lot to me because it aids me in pursuing a stronger future for myself which is to be a civil engineer. Receiving this scholarship has helped lift the financial burden off my family. My family financial situation will not able to let me continue my higher education so getting this scholarship benefit greatly with financial aid. Receiving this scholarship is not just receiving money, it tells me I am as seen as having potential for the future of our society. I will make sure that I will give back to the community and do my best to make it better. I been working hard since high school just to be here and without this scholarship I will not able to make it. I been pushing myself so hard and do anything I possibly can to reach and move beyond the requirement. This scholarship made a better person and an inform, educated citizen. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to improve my learning and life through the education by receiving a scholarship from CEF.

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